SCURL – Website Redesign and Platform Build

home-pageThe Scottish Confederation of Universities and Research Libraries wanted a new website that would enable effective promotion of SCURL whilst providing a more user friendly information sharing and collaboration tool.

In collaboration with Mark Haddon Ltd we have delivered a website which is fresh and up-to-date, designed to suit the needs of our customers.

The External website is designed to better reflect the mission and purpose of SCURL as a professional library organisation which provides a high quality service to its members. The site is primarily designed to showcase the work of SCURL on behalf of its members, so as to raise the profile of the organisation and encourage a broader external audience.

There is also a members website which has a secure log in for SCURL members to enable better communication and collaboration between members by providing a blog-style content area open to all members and a library of documents relevant to their specific groups. The log-in facility recognises a visitor’s status, only allowing them to have access to content which is relevant to their specific interests.

The website was moved to a WordPress content management system which allows us to integrate the custom made design templates and also offers a wide range of plugins making further development to the website straightforward. With a large amount of documents needing stored, WordPress offers an archiving facility which is searchable ensuring that the users can find the item required quickly.

We provided a full training session for SCURL’s administrators as well as a training manual which allows them to upload and changes their content frequently, keeping the website up-to-date. SCURL has indicated the success of the website with all of their stakeholders and we hope that they find this new website a successful promotional tool.

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