The ‘Biggest Cyber Attack’ in History?

Or at least that’s what some have called it. If you have noticed your connection lagging or even failing to bridge over the past week or so – it is probably due to a prolonged grudge against SpamHaus held by Cyber Bunker, a Dutch company that, according to its website, hosts “services to any Website ‘except child pornography and anything related to terrorism'”.

Due to the nature of the content stored and hosted by CyberBunker – SpamHaus (an international organisation, founded in 1998 to track e-mail spammers and spam-related activity) recently added CyberBunker to their server blacklist – therefore blacklisting the hosting company from any server operating the Spamhaus blacklist. This due to the reputation of SpamHaus – is a lot!

The people over at Cyberbunker, have seemingly taken the matter into their own hands. There have been a series of DdoS (Denial of Service) attacks on the Spamhaus servers peaking 300GB/s. A Denial of Service attack is when one server sends huge amounts of useless data packets to another in an attempt to neutralize it and stop it from gaining access to the internet. In order for this to be successful – the amount of data sent has to be sufficient enough that the server on the other end is processing above its capacity, thus slowing down the connection and eventually grinding to a halt.

Since all this data is floating through cyberspace, it could unfortunately become intertwined with your data and slow its journey. Therefore, your internet connection could become affected by the current state of affairs. Unfortunately at the current time, there isn’t a huge amount that can be done without being in front of the culprit server.

Please leave a comment below with your views on what could be the Biggest Cyber Attack in History.

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